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Hi, I'm Emily Rose

Certified Yoga Personal Trainer,

Empowerment Coach, & Teacher

The true power of yoga presented itself to me at the exact “wrong” moment.

Even though I had been practicing on and off for years, it wasn’t until 2014 that I found myself on my mat, over 300 lbs., and frankly - losing my sh*t. That day’s flow had been intense and challenging, bringing up so many familiar self-doubts and frustrations. Feeling my body and mind crying out for change, I made it my mission to rewrite my story. I relentlessly pursued the notion that YES, even I was worthy of happiness and health.


I started studying meditation and the law of attraction, which lead me down a path of deep self-discovery.


It wasn’t easy or pretty. It was messy and muddy and sometimes overwhelming, but I made it to the other side, using yoga as a tool to break through physical and mental barriers that had haunted me for years. I knew I wanted to empower others to do the same. I wrote down in my journal “I want to be a fearless yoga teacher,” and that’s exactly what I’ve set out to do ever since.


I completed my 200hr certification in 2018 and never looked back. I’ve crammed a lot of yoga goodness over the years; teaching everything from goat yoga to moon classes, experiencing big dreams coming true (owning a studio), taking on streaming from my garage, and completing my 500hr training and Trauma Informed Certification in 2022. I’m grateful for every second!


Shifting away from the studio in 2021, I started Emily Rose Yoga & Co. as a way to keep sharing my passion to bring more mindfulness, ease, and empowerment into the world. I’m proud and honored to teach people of all mobilities, ages, and personal circumstances. I get to help students tap into their authentic power and approach life’s curveballs with an open, observational mindset. It’s the best job in the world.

Outside of EmRoYoCo, I work as a Prospect Research Analyst for the University of Iowa in Iowa City. My daughter and I spend time cooking, writing music, and making TikToks (which I pretend to understand). I’m a natural-born seeker, adventurer, and learner; embracing

a life full of wonder and joy. 


Thank you for being on this journey with me! 

(View my Yoga Resume & Certifications here.)



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“I loved my time working with Emily. Her program propelled me in the right direction and gave me the tools to continue the work on my own. I recognize that every passing minute is a new chance to show up for myself!”

- Allison S.

“I've never felt more powerful in my own skin. Emily has helped me discover that the answers I've been trying to find outside of myself for YEARS have really been within.”

- Kaylee R.

“Emily was able to able to give me that OOMPH feeling and gave me some goals and challenges. I left feeling very seen, understood, and empowered to go forward. In just in one hour!! She's very insightful and intuitive.”

- Danica L.

“This course (Step Into Power) was fantastic. It opened my eyes and taught me to put myself first for once. I love myself now more than I ever have.”

- Amber S.

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