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Empowerment Coaching

Could coaching change your life?

Let's chat to see if we'd be a good fit for each other.

(I coach all gender and gender nonconforming humans. All curious souls are welcome!)

1:1 Sessions & Packages

Set aside everything you think you know about life coaching. As a certified Yoga Life Coach (YCL), my focus is on empowered action. Coaching is about so much more than just thinking positively or having to uproot your life in order to find your power. In fact, there's nothing to "find" at all; rather, understanding that the power, purpose, and strength you're looking for is already within. With a few new tools, mindset work, and a whole lotta support from yours truly, you can unravel it all.

Pricing + Packages:

(45 min Session)


                   4 sessions.....    $300 ($75ps)

                   8 sessions.....    $575 ($71ps)

                  12 sessions.....    $825 ($68ps)

If you'd like to hear more about what coaching is (and is not), my style, and my own experience being coached, click through to this Instagram video. I did a live chat answering some of your FAQs!

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the time is now.

Get ready to meet your authentic self. Right here, right now, without any judgements. As an experienced teacher and student of life, I have a wide variety of tools, techniques, and damn good resources to help you...

Rediscover your core values and soul's purpose

Master the balance of effort and ease both on and off the yoga mat

Improve strength, flexibility, and alignment

Bring more mindfulness, ease, and presence into your day-to-day life

Show up as your most authentic self, leaving self-judgment in the past

Rise Up: Coaching Mentorship

Are you ready to get out of your own way? You are settling for a reality below what you are capable and deserving of. I have been honored to have helped dozens of folks just like you bring about meaningful transformations to their relationships, careers, self-love/body image, and soul's purpose. Committing to a long-term container insures we can dig deep and take big, inspired action for big results!

 Mentorship Includes:
(but is not limited to)

Welcome Gift Basket

Direct Message Access

Personalized Yoga + Meditation Program

Weekly Coaching Calls, Goal Setting,

and Mindset Work


Pricing + Packages:

3 Month Mentorship.....      $1,997

 6 Month Mentorship.....      $3,333 

Because of the deep time and energy commitment I pledge to my mentorship clients, I take on a very limited number. I am currently enrolling for winter/spring of 2023. Let's chat!


“I loved my time working with Emily. Her program propelled me in the right direction and gave me the tools to continue the work on my own. I recognize that every passing minute is a new chance to show up for myself!”

- Allison S.

“I've never felt more powerful in my own skin. Emily has helped me discover that the answers I've been trying to find outside of myself for YEARS have really been within.”

- Kaylee R.

“This course (Step Into Power) was fantastic. It opened my eyes and taught me to put myself first for once. I love myself now more than I ever have.”

- Amber S.

“Emily was able to able to give me that OOMPH feeling and gave me some goals and challenges. I left feeling very seen, understood, and empowered to go forward. In just in one hour!! She's very insightful and intuitive.”

- Danica L.

Testimonials - COACH

Your authentic, powerful, joy-filled life is waiting for you!

Do you think we can make magic happen together?

Just hit the button and let's get started!

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