September 24 - October 29
(6 weeks, $95)

8AM : Hot 26

10AM: Warm Vinyasa

November 19 - December 24

(6 weeks, $95)

8AM: Hot 26 (TBD)

10AM: Warm Vinyasa

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New and Full Moon Classes every month!
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Fall 2022 Schedule


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I'm thrilled to be partnering with Movement for All, a beautiful hybrid studio in the Iowa City Peninsula Neighborhood. All classes are offered in-person (with COVID precautions) and online via Zoom. 





























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  • We always welcome drop-ins! There are limited spots in the studio - if we are full you'll be put on a waitlist. Just find the time/class you'd like on the calendar and you're set! 

  • New Moon and Full Moon classes are not included in any packages. They are available for single purchases. 

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Class Descriptions

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Hot 26

8AM at Movement for All (six weeks on, 2 weeks off)

Hot 26, Bikram Yoga, 26 & 2... we refer to this practice in different ways, but the foundation is the same: 26 poses + 2 breathwork sequences = a deeply introspective ritual that will completely flip your perspective of what the asana of yoga can be.

New Moon Flow.png

New Moon Yoga Flow

Monthly on New Moons, 7:30 PM at Movement for All

Reconnect, Reflect, Renew! Enjoy a slow flow vinyasa centered around harnessing the energy of the new moon with intention setting, uniquely designed each month to reflect the new lunar cycle. The - new moon is a time to prepare for new beginnings; to tap into the flow of life and the breath of new beginnings (,,,)

The new moon is the first phase of one lunar cycle, when the sun and the moon are in alignment. To us, it seems as though the moon is completely dark and disappears in the night sky. HOWEVER, it’s as powerful and abundant as ever! Class is held 7:30 - 8:45 PM

Warm Vinyasa.png

This energetic class highlights a creative and dynamic form of yoga that uses breath to link physical yoga postures. Each class is different and postures are sequenced in a way to help (...)

10AM at Movement for All (six weeks on, 2 weeks off)

Warm Vinyasa Flow

increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and allow you to tune in to your body’s own rhythm. Enjoy upbeat music, variations of core work, and balance challenges combined with traditional yoga poses. Made for all ability levels - you are welcome just as you are.

Full Moon Yin Yoga.png

Restore, Release, and Rest. Sink into a 45-min yin yoga session, guided meditation, uniquely designed each month to reflect the new lunar cycle. In some yoga schools of thought, the full moon provides us with SO much energy, that practicing a flow can do more harm than good. So, we rest! (...)

Monthly on Full Moons, 7:30 PM at Movement for All

Full Moon Yin Yoga

Yin yoga involves holding stretches for longer – minutes on end - to encourage connective tissue to release and soften. The focus of a Yin practice is primarily to free up the body’s energy and promote a deep sense of wellbeing.